About Us

Whenever people first meet us, one of the questions that eventually comes up is “So you guys must really like chili?” While it’s true, we do like chili, after all chubby’s gotta eat, but we also like steak, burgers, barbecue and ice cream too.
Chilli Crew MC has nothing to do with that fine spicy stew that has its roots in the American Southwest or the type of pepper that goes in it. Also, we have two l’s in our name. Before we became a Motorcycle Club, we started out as a bunch of friends who in the 1990’s would make the annual Labor Day weekend trip to the Easyriders Rodeo in Chillicothe, Ohio to soak up in all the fun the biker lifestyle had to offer. As one of our original members “Pops” told Ridin’ On Magazine in an article written about us, "It's all about the group of friends that go down, the new friends we meet, and the good times we share all being down there together." As we grew and the years passed, in 2008 we were dubbed the chubbies and chubbettes of The Chilli Crew.
Rock 4 Russell Run 2013
Partying and enjoying the biker lifestyle wasn’t all we did. During those early days we were also involved in numerous charities, runs, and parties. We even organized the annual Rock 4 Russell Run in Northeast, Ohio. A Member quotes his favorite line from the song ‘Rose Tattoo’ by Dropkick Murphys, “This one means the most to me, stays here for eternity, the ship that stays the course, an anchor for my every choice” to describe how he feels about the club and his commitment to its roots, heritage, and its brothers. That bond and commitment to each-other evolved on May 1st, 2016 into what is now known as Chilli Crew MC. To this day we have stayed true to our ideologies of having fun, riding motorcycles, and helping our community. We have a saying that holds true to our heritage and tells anyone what they need to know about our Motorcycle Club; “We are a bunch of friends that know how to party, nights becomes mornings & friends became family” Sure there were thoughts about coming up with a cool bad-ass sounding name, but that wouldn’t be who we are. We are a Brotherhood, who joined together to promote our love of riding motorcycles and helping our local communities. We are founded on loyalty, respect and brotherhood.

In April 2024 our brotherhood expanded as the Lake Co. Ohio Mother Chapter was joined by our new Portage Co. Ohio Chapter. ~CFFC~